What Do You Have Time to Do Today?

by | Mar 21, 2018 | Bank

It feels as if the amount of time that we have to accomplish what we need to do is getting smaller and smaller, while our obligations get bigger and bigger. There are a lot of reasons that people legitimately feel they have less time to handle their daily lives – some work and go to school, some have more than two jobs or jobs that stretch into off-work hours, or other obligations to family that require a lot of time to handle. How can you save time, make time, and get your life back? Here are some tips to get your time back on track

1. Stop multitasking! Guys, this is science – only two percent of the population are successful multitaskers. The rest of us are just causing ourselves pain and grief when we try. Put down the phone, close the extra windows, and focus!

2. Get some sleep. People with erratic or insufficient sleep can’t work effectively. The effects of sleep deprivation among medical professionals is well known and documented. Stake out your sleep time, and get a sleep evaluation to figure out what problems you might be having.

3. Get some time back. Technology is a big help when it comes to reclaiming hours. Internet banking can save travel time and time in line. Amazon Prime can bring you everything from pet food and groceries to someone to clean your house. Uber can put you on the road to work without as much agitation as you read and listen to music.

4. Cheer up or cheer yourself up. If you feel pessimistic, depressed, and demotivated, think about talking to a professional about how you feel and what it’s doing to you. Take time to care for yourself and do things that you enjoy.

Remember, even a simple change like ordering groceries or using internet baking can make a difference in your you spend your time. Try adding these time savers and attitude adjusters to your life, and get your time back under control.

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