Personal Tax Services in Manhattan, New York Help Clients with Their Financial Services

by | Feb 8, 2017 | Accounting Services

There is a saying that the only two things that are certain are death and taxes. In other words, neither can be avoided. A lot of people have anxieties about their taxes. The way to deal with these anxieties is to hire an accountant to deal with the taxes. Some people go to an accounting firm and just take whoever is available to do their taxes. But for extra security, some prefer to deal with one accountant, face to face. An accountant that does Personal Tax Services in Manhattan, New York helps clients, individuals and small businesses with their total financial services. Here are some of these services.

People who opt for personal tax services can benefit from accountants who can help them with more than just keeping up with their individual taxes. Those small businesses who are interested in personal tax services get the one on one benefit of an accountant who is personally involved in every aspect of the business’ financial health. The personal tax accountant prepares the quarterly taxes for the business, and the annual taxes for the individuals.

Personal tax services also include looking at the overall financial health of individuals, even when it comes to estate planning. The individual does not want to leave things undone after he or she has deceased. The personal tax service can help the individual prepare all aspects relating to his or her estate. Items such as wills and trusts, living wills, powers of attorney, and asset management are handled in estate planning. The main thing about the personal tax service is that the individual or the business have someone who can be trusted to handle their tax matters, even in court.

Robert A. Woloshen, CPA has been offering clients tax and estate planning solutions for over 37 years. The accounting firm handles the individual taxes of individuals and the small business owner’s quarterly taxes. The firm even helps the business owners who are in the start-up phase of the business. If there are any individuals or businesses that are in need of Personal Tax services in Manhattan, New York or the surrounding area, the firm is available. Visit the website.

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