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by | Aug 9, 2016 | Insurance

In Iowa, all registered vehicle owners are required to follow laws that apply to automobile insurance. These laws vary among states according to coverage value. However, standard liability is required in all states. car insurance companies West Des Moines IA provide policies for all registered vehicle owners to acquire compliance with the law.

What are the Insurance Requirements?

The state of Iowa requires no less than liability insurance coverage for all vehicles registered by the owner. The policy must provide at least $25,000 for accidents involving one victim. They must provide no less than $40,000 for any accident in which multiple victims were injured or died. It should also offer no less than $15,000 for property damage that occurred during the accident. This coverage applies to automobiles as well as residential or commercial properties.

When is Proof Required?

Proof of coverage is required by any driver who is stopped by law enforcement officers. This includes designated checkpoints utilized by local agencies. The owner must also provide proof at any time that they register a vehicle or renew the vehicle’s tag. Updated insurance information is required for any owner whose policy has been canceled or expired according to the DMV’s records.

What Happens if the Driver Doesn’t Have Insurance?

Any driver who is caught without insurance coverage will face penalties. In the state of Iowa, the court may impose hefty fines starting at $200. They may suspend the driver’s license for a period of their choice. The court may also require the automobile to be impounded until proper proof of insurance is acquired.

Requirements for Auto Accidents

All drivers involved in an auto accident must provide their insurer with an accident report. This report identifies the at-fault driver. This reduces complications when the victim’s file an insurance claim for their expenses.

In Iowa, all automobile owners must comply with auto insurance laws as designated by the state. This requires them to purchase and maintain liability coverage for all vehicles registered in their name. Owners who need to purchase insurance should contact Car Insurance Companies West Des Moines IA or Visit Absolute Insurance Iowa for a free quote today.

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