How to Prioritize Employee Health and Safety During a Pandemic

by | Apr 24, 2020 | Financial Services

A widespread pandemic can quickly change how and where people work. What remains constant with a remote workforce is how health benefits in Sarasota, FL, can address this shift. Relying more on technology is just one of the ways society can adapt to a new way of living.

Staying Connected While Maintaining Good Health and Wellbeing

Challenges brought on by adapting to a new way of living do not lessen the importance of maintaining good health. Employers know that a healthy workforce equals a productive one. You can encourage positive mental and physical fitness to keep employees engaged and efficient.

Offering Employees Free Telehealth Services

Fortunately, health benefits in Sarasota, FL, are not limited to traditional visits to the doctor. With free telehealth services, you can expand employees’ access to care now and after the pandemic ends. Receiving virtual medical care helps doctors reach more patients who would otherwise avoid getting help.

Encouraging Employees to Use PTO Benefits

Moving your workforce from an in-office to a work-from-home during a pandemic environment offers benefits. You do your part in ensuring employees’ safety while continuing to operate. Yet, many employees must juggle work duties with personal responsibilities such as homeschooling their children.

Now is a good time to encourage employees to take some time off. Doing so may ease pressures that can negatively affect their mental and physical wellbeing.

Get Help During This Stressful Time

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