How a Cash Advance Payday Loan Saved Bob’s Day

by | May 9, 2016 | Loans & Finance

Bob was a typical middle class worker with a fairly good job. He had a mortgage, car, wife, two kids and things were going pretty well. However, two years ago Bob ran into some financial problems because he was ill and off work for several months. Yet, his situation was improving and he was able to fully recover. Now is on his way back to normal again. Last month Bob was in a pickle and he needed $275 fast. He was at his wits end until a cash advance payday loan came to his aid. Here is what happened.

A Normal Day

It was a typical day when Bob got up in the morning, then he checked his email. There was a reminder about his 15th anniversary in just 3 days and he had not bought anything for Vicki (his wife). Bob went into panic mode and then remembered a beautiful eternity ring Vicki told him about and it was only $375 at a local jeweler. However, Bob had one problem, he was about $345 short. He had a nice bonus due from his employer but it was 10 days away.

Panic Time

Bob didn’t have enough available on his visa to charge the purchase. In fact, there was no way to borrow the money because his credit rating took a huge hit when he was off work all those months. So Bob checked out online loans and came across a cash advance payday loan lender.

As Bob read through the website, he discovered he could get an advance on his paycheck. All he had to do was fill out a simple online form and there was one thing which Bob really liked. This lender did not check credit reports, so he would have no trouble qualifying.

A Solution at Hand

Bob wanted to know how much interest he had to pay and it was easy, because the website provided a special section on their loan fees. Bob discovered all the interest he had to pay for the loan was about $50, and since there was no credit check and he could have the money tomorrow, this seemed like a fair price.

A Happy Ending

Bob applied for the loan and the money was in his checking account the next day. He went to the jeweler and paid for the eternity ring with his debit card. When Vicki saw the ring she cried, because she knew how hard things had been the past few years and she could finally see a light at the end of the tunnel, thanks to a simple and quick cash advance payday loan.

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