Get the Help of a Tax Preparer in Queens to Earn More Money

by | Jan 5, 2017 | Accounting

Tax season is fast approaching, and you find yourself staring at a pile of unfamiliar forms that have you scratching your head. When you find yourself worried about making a mistake, it is time to call in a tax preparer to protect yourself and your taxes. About 60% of taxpayers turn to a professional for help when they need to prepare their return, and that number goes up every year as more and more people realize the good a professional can do. By knowing when to call and who to put on your side, your return may be higher by hundreds or even thousands this year, depending on your deductions.

Correcting Previous Returns

Any return done within the last three years may be corrected by a reputable tax preparer in Queens. Simply by calling in a Queens tax preparer, you can file an amended return and minimize the damage. These professionals will go back and review the return, and they will help you file an amendment if they find that an error was made. This way, you can get up to date without worrying about making another mistake or missing one of which you were unaware.


If you got married before December 31 of last year, you must decide whether to file jointly or separately this year for your tax return. A tax preparer can look at your unique situation and advise you on adjusting your withholding amount and whether it is more advantageous to file jointly or separately. If you or your spouse has a large capital loss carryover and the other has a large capital gain, filing jointly may be your best option. Whatever your tax needs may be, the right professional can simplify the process, minimize the risk of a mistake, and help you to earn up to 30% more on your return.

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