How to Get Business Check Cashing

by | May 28, 2018 | Financial Services

When you own your own business, it can be difficult to cash checks quickly that are made out from third parties. However, there are plenty of places where you can find quick business check cashing. It often depends on the amount and how you set up your business if your check will be approved for payment. Here are some things to consider before getting your check cashed.

Cashing Checks Payable to Your Business
If you are looking to cash a check that has been made payable to your business, then you should be able to prove that you are the owner of the business and that it has been incorporated. There are some documents that you want to bring with you when you go to the check cashing store so that you get faster service.

If your business is incorporated for less than a year, then you should have your Articles of Corporation. You should always bring these with you.

However, if you are incorporated and have been so for more than a year, then you also need to bring in your annual minutes or a form 2553 that has been filed on the anniversary date that your business became incorporated.

If you have a business that is not incorporated but have been doing business for less than a year, then you can bring a letter from an attorney or an account that shows you are the sole proprietor of the company.

There are also cases where you may not have been incorporated but you have been doing business for more than a year, you will need to have a Schedule C that you filed from your last federal tax return.

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